Saturday, 19 November 2016

How to use Jio 4G Internet in 3G Phones

Checking Device for Mediatek or Qualcomn Processor:
1.  First Download CPU Z app from Playstore: Click Here
2.  Install and open this app.
3.  Wait while it retrieves your device information.
4.  Within few seconds you will see all your device information on the screen.
5.  If your device is using Mediatek Chipset then it will reflect with the Logo of Mediatek Chipset on the screen.

Steps to use Jio Sim in 3G Phones:-

Method #1 Using Xorware 2G/3G/4G Applications:-
1) First of all, Xorware 2G/3G/4G Switcher & Xorware 2G/3G/4G Interface App (You need to download both Application.
2) Now Open Xorware 2G/3G/4G Interface App.
3) Select Network Mode to 4G LTE.
4) Click on Apply and make changes.
5) Now Switch off your device and Insert Reliance Jio Sim and Switch ON your device again.
6) Now you can use Reliance Jio Sim in 3G Phone.
As I mentioned above that in case the above method doesn’t work in your phone then you can try the alternative method. Below is the other trick you can also try in your 3G phone. This trick only works on Qualcomm Chipset phones and more likely to work on the updated versions of Android OS like Kitkat and the following versions.
·         · Download Shortcut Master (Lite) from Google play store.
·         · Install and open the application.
·         · How click on the menu and search for “Engineering Mode” “Or “Service Menu”
·         Select the selection app and open it.
·         If you reached to the Engineering Mode then open it and Choose Change LTE Bands.
·         In case you are failed at this step dial *#2263# and select the menu.
·         Now reach to the Key Input and enter “0000” with no quotes, after then wait for few seconds and Popup will be displayed.
·         Go to the UE settings and after that Select setting>protocol>NAS>Network Control>Band Selection>LTE Band> The Select “Band 40”.
·         It is finally done now insert your Jio sim in the first sim slot of your 3G phone.
·         Restart the phone and start enjoying Jio services on your phone.
More About the Detail here

Method #2 for MediaTek Chipset Processor Enabled devices:-
This is really a great and working method for most of phone who has MediaTek chipset processor in their device. I have tried personally in my Micromax canvas nitro a311 smartphone which is MediaTek chipset enabled phone and this trick is working fine 🙂 . Let’s come up on the main topic “How to use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G android mobile phone”. In this Method you have to check your Device is MediaTek chipset or not (we can find this by just downloading CPU-Z app which is less than 1 MB). You must have atleast 4.4 Kitkat or more latest version to make this Trick worked !! Now let’s ready to use Reliance Jio in 3G android device. So Hurry up !!

6) Now Download MTK Engineering Mode app in your 3G device to use Reliance Jio sim in 3G device.
7) With the help of MTK engineering mode Application we can run an advanced Setup from the Engineering Mode Menu of MTK phones (Also known as SERVICE MODE).
ALERT:- Use this secret menu very carefully. if you are really don’t know what you are doing then please don’t do it.. It may create some problem for you !!
8) Open the MKT Engineering Mode App.
9) Now click on the “MTK Settings” and Select Network Selecting/Preferred Network Option.
10) That’s it, Now you can Select 4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM as network mode and you can save it.. Now Turn off your Device and Turn ON again.
11) Enter your Reliance Jio 4G sim in 1st Slot and “Switch ON” your device and you will get the Reliance Jio Network 🙂
After the above process simply Insert Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G Phone and Switch ON your device. That’s it now you can use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G mobile.
By Using This Trick , You Device Seems As 4G Compatible For Jio Sim But Actually It Will Receive 3G Network . This Trick Will Not Convert Your Device From 3G To 4G , It Will Only Deceive Jio Sim To Catch 3G Network On Your Device.
There are other ways though.
Good thing is that you can acquire other ways to use 4G Jio Internet on your 3G phone if you are willing to spend a little money.
How you ask? Well, using any 4G Wi-fi Dongle / router. Yes, if your smartphone has Wifi (today most smartphones has it, if not then you may throw it somewhere).  Jio sim will work in only one device... It is attached to imei no.... And dongles have different imei no.... So it will work in only mobile in which u usedit first
1 - Buy a Dongle / Wi-Fi stick that supports 4G, there are a few available on Amazon India
OR, finally, BUY A 4G PHONE
Yes, this is my final advice. It is the age of 4G, if your phone doesn’t has it then it is high-time you switch to a 4G phone, you can get one as cheap as Rs. 3k. What are you waiting for?



1. Desire 626 Dual SIM Phone
2. Desire 628 phone
3. Desire Eye phone
4. Desire 630 phone
5. Desire 830 phone
4. Desire 728 Dual SIM phone
6. Desire 828 DS phone
7. Desire 820 phone
8. Desire 825 phone
9. Desire 826 DS phone
10. Desire 820Q phone
11. Desire 826 phone
12. Desire 820S Dual Sim phone
13. HTC 10 phone
14. HTC 10 Life style phone
15. One A9 phone
16. One E9 S dual sim phone
17. One V50FG6 phone
18. One E9+ Dual Sim phone
19. One ME Dual Sim phone
20. One M9 Plus phone
21. One M8 phone
22. One M8 Eye phone
23. One M9e phone
2) List of Yu Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. Yu Yuphoria phone
2. Yunicorn phone
3. Yu Yureka phone
4. Yureka S
5. Yu Yutopia
6. YU Note
7. Yunique
8. Yureka Plus
9. Yuphoria
3) List of Samsung Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. Galaxy A7 2015
2. Galaxy A7 2016
3. Galaxy A5 2016
4. Galaxy A5 2015
5. Samsung Galaxy J3
6. Galaxy A8 phone
7. Samsung Galaxy J2 Duos
8. Galaxy Note 4
9. Samsung Galaxy J2
10. Galaxy Note 5
11. Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Duos
12. Galaxy Note 5 Duos
13. Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace
14. Galaxy Note Edge
15. Samsung Galaxy J max
16. Galaxy S6
17. Samsung Galaxy Grand Max
18. Galaxy S6 Edge
19. Galaxy S6 Galaxy Edge Plus
20. Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos
21. Galaxy S7
22. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
23. Galaxy S7 Edge
24. Samsung GALAXY S4 4G
25. Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo
26. Samsung Galaxy Alpha
27. Samsung Grand Prime
28. Samsung A8 VE
29. Samsung Galaxy J7 Duos
30. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
31. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
32. Samsung Galaxy A8 Duos
33. Samsung Galaxy A3
34. Samsung Galaxy J7
35. Samsung ON7
36. Samsung Galaxy S 5 Plus
37. Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)
38. Samsung Galaxy J5
39. Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)
40. Samsung ON7 Pro
41. Samsung Galaxy J5 Duos
42. Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro
43. Samsung Galaxy S4
44. Samsung ON5
45. Samsung ON5 Pro
4) List of Xolo Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. Black-1X M
2. era 4G
3. era V6L
4. era 1X
5. era 4K
6. era 2X
5) List of LG Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. K332 (K7 LTE)
2. LGH 442
3. K520DY (Stylus 2)
4. LGH630D
5. K520DY
6. H860 (LG G5)
7. K535D (Stylus 2 Plus)
8. K500I (X Screen)
6) List of Alcatel Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. POP3
2. Pixi 4
3. POP Star
4. OneTouch X1
5. POP4
7) List of Sansui Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. Graphite1 V45ED
2. V50FG6
3. Krypton 3 V50JG
4. V50FA3
5. Q1
8) List of TLC Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. FIT 5.5
2. TCL 560
3. TCL 562
4. Pride T500L
9) List of Gionee Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. Gionee E8
2. Gionee V6P77
3. Gionee F103 Pro
4. Gionee S Plus, Gionee S6, Gionee S6s And Gionee S7
5. Gionee F103(1GB)
6. Gionee P5L
7. Gionee F103(2GB)
8. Gionee M4
9. Gionee M5
10. Gionee M5 Lite
11. Gionee M5 Lite CDMA
12. Gionee M5 Plus
13. Gionee F103(3GB)
10) List of Karbon Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. Aura 1
2. Quattro L55 HX81
3. Aura Power
4. Quattro L52 VR
5. Quattro L45 IPS
6. Quattro L51 HD
7. Quattro L50 HD
11) List of Panasonic Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
2. P77
3. ELUGA Switch
4. ELUGA Arc 2
5. ELUGA Icon
6. P55 Novo 4G
7. T45
8. ELUGA Note
10. ELUGA A2
11. ELUGA L2
12. ELUGA I2 2GB
13. ELUGA Icon 2
14. ELUGA Mark
15. ELUGA I3
16. ELUGA Turbo
17. ELUGA I2
18. ELUGA Arc
12) List of Vivo Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. Vivo V3
2. Vivo Y21L
3. Vivo Y51L
4. Vivo V3Max
13) List of ZenFone Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. ZenFone 2 Laser ( ZE550KL )
2. Zenfone 3 ( ZU680KL )
3. Zenfone 2 ( ZE551ML )
4. Zenfone 3 ( ZS570KL )
5. Zenfone Max ( ZC550KL )
6. Zenfone 3 ( ZE520KL )
7. Zenfone Zoom ( ZX551ML )
8. Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0 ( ZE500KL )
9. Zenfone 3 Laser ( ZC551KL )
10. Zenfone 2 (ZE550ML) phone
11. Zenfone 3 ( ZE552KL )
12. Zenfone Selfie (  ZD551KL )
13. Zenfone Go 5.0 LTE ( T500 )
14. Zenfone 2 Laser ( ZE601KL )
14) List of Lava Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. Lava A71
2. Lava A72
3. Lava A76
4. Lava A76 Plus
5. Lava A88
6. Lava A89
7. Lava A97
8. Pixel V2
9. Pixel V2s
10. Ivory s 4g
11. Lava X10
12. Lava X11
13. Lava X12
14. Lava X17
15. Lava X28
16. Lava X38
17. Lava X41
18. Lava X41 Plus
19. Lava X46
20. Lava X50
21. Lava X50 Plus
22. Lava X81
23. Lava V5 M
15) List of Micromax Phones For Reliance Jio 4G Sim
1. Canvas Pulse 4G
2. Canvas Tab
3. Canvas Nitro 4G
4. Unite 4 Plus
5. Canvas Knight 2
6. Canvas Amaze 4G
7. Canvas 5
8. Canvas Play 4G
9. Canvas Evo
10. Unite 4 Pro
11. Canvas 6 Pro
12. Canvas 5 Lite Special Edition
13. Canvas 6
14. Canvas 5 Lite
15. Canvas Blaze 4G
16. Canvas Juice 4G
17. Canvas Fire 4G
18. Canvas Sliver 5
19. Canvas Fire 6
20. Canvas Fire 4G plus
21. Canvas Xpress 4G
22. Canvas Unite 4
23. Canvas Blaze 4G Plus
24. Canvas Mega 2
25. Canvas Pace 4G
26. Bolt Selfie
27. Canvas Mega 4G