Friday, 14 October 2016

How to Become a Self Made Digital Marketing Expert

How to Become a Self Made Digital Marketing Expert 

Self learning is the best. 70% of the practical knowledge I have today is from my own projects. You should learn digital marketing from various sources available and apply some of it to your own projects.Anyone can get knowledge from Google and Wikipedia within 5 minutes.

You can keep scaling up with your own business and use the expertise to make profits. Good Digital Marketers will never prefer working for any company as a employee they would them self love to work as a consultant or may also build good Advertising Agency.It is the best working from home profession.Our sisters can do it very easilly from home. The best way to become a digital marketing expert is to start practising digital marketing from today. The best thing about digital marketing is that you can start doing it at a very small scale. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a small amount of money to play with. You can learn digital marketing by applying the concepts in your own mini-project. 

Here are the things you can do right now:

STEP ONE:: Choose a topic you are passionate about and start a blog ( about it. Your BLOG is the main thing.The next thing is how to market your blog through various means.

STEP TWO: Learn a little about SEO and write SEO optimized articles in your blog.

STEP THREE :: Open an Adwords account on the blog
STEP FOUR: Sign up for Google Adsense and deploy advertising codes in your blog. 

STEP FIVE: Open a Facebook page dedicated to your blog (apart from your personal page) and invite your friends to your facebook page. Now,share the url of articles of your blog on your Facebook page.Make use of # and @ features of facebook in all your facebook updates. Be active in Facebook with regular posting of updates and reply to comments.Share the updates of others (influencers in your industry).Comment and like on others post (influencers in your industry).

STEP SIX: join Facebook Groups (Related to your business and your industry).Now, Promote the url of your facebook page in these Facebook groups

STEP SEVEN:: Create LinkedIn Profile. And  Join other groups (Related to your business and your industry) and actively post your facebook page in these groups.

STEP EIGHT:: Promote your url of your facebook page through email marketing .

Instead of sending out useful content to the email subscribers, you can publish that content on the blog and than on facebook page and email your subscribers a link to that facebook page. When subscribers visit that  article , they are very likely to share it on social media and check out your products/services again. Also this piece of content on the blog has the potential to attract new visitors from search and social media and those visitors may become subscribers as well.
Email Marketing Tips
§  Optimize lead generation on your content delivery channels. A lot of tools are available in the market place which helps you collect leads through blogs, videos and so on. 
§  Use email marketing tools such as Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse to automate your email marketing process. Amazon SES and SendGrid are good email sending servers for the technically inclined.
§  Send a mix of marketing messages and valuable content. A good balance depends on the tolerance level of your market. Test, test, test.
  • All the sales I have got so far is by connecting with key people.
  • Mostly my email reaches the CEO or VP  of the company.
Key decision makers for digital marketing usually include:
● Founder
● Co-Founder
● Chairman/Director 
● Head of Digital Marketing
● VP of Digital marketing
● VP of Marketing
● Head of Sales & Marketing
● Digital Marketing Managers

You can easily find this out by browsing on LinkedIn. First prepare the list of names. Then try to get their contact details.

This is your target market. These are your customers.Now that you have identified the target market, the next step is to reach them.

You can reach them via various methods:
● Email
● LinkedIn Message
●  Facebook Message

You first have to build a relationship and show them how they can benefit from you. It is always about what they can get from you than what you can get from them. 


So let’s say you send them 2 emails with the subject lines:
1. “Looking for a job in digital marketing in your company”
2. “How your website - can get more traffic via SEO”

The first email that you send will be deleted even without opening it.
But the second email will interest someone .

Track your Digital Marketing Activity – Important!!!You can track your marketing activity by doing the following steps:1)      Create a Google Analytics account,2)Add your website into Google Analytics, 3) Create all links to your website by using Google URL Builder (while creating URL Provide the source, Campaign Medium, Campaign Name etc.), 4) See the unique visitors and conversion (how many users are converted to sale).As long as you do the above listed activities, you will continue to see a high growth in your overall traffic. 
Start your activity now and see the change after 30 days !!!All the above steps can be done in 30 days by investing one hour per day.