Sunday, 16 October 2016

The philosophy behind ENVO

Globally successful companies do one thing well and say no to things that are not part of core competency.
You can compare startup’s in Silicon Valleys to redwood trees – lean and tall, while Indian startups are like banyan trees –more widespread and stout. The two differ mainly in terms of mindset.”
Early-stage startups should focus on their product and solving problems rather than business plan and growth in the early days.

ENVO PROJECTS core competency lies in WTP, ETP, STP and Bio Gas projects. We said NO to all other things since we started in 1994.

Management style of ENVO :

We  are strong in technology and execution. We assign projects to competent Managers, We delegate responsibilities to them and review the project from day One.We are associating with like minded people all over India.

The philosophy behind my brother saleem"s work in environmental engineering


Nature is a gift to us . No individual or organisation has the right dto utilise its resources in such a way that damage or inconvenience is caused  to  people of society . we all have a social responsibility to protect and preserve a clean and green environment. The goale of profit maximisation and customer satisfaction should be surbordinate to the social need and responsibilities. The present concern has been brought about by the health of humans, living being, tree , structures, monuments and all other things.

It was repeatedly mentioned in the Qur'an: Forbidding from spoiling the earth after Allah (Exalted and Almighty) has created it suitable and well prepared for the successive human generations. It announced that Allah does not like spoiling or those who spoil in life, this includes spoiling environment, polluting it or being aggressive with it. Also it is forbidden to abuse it in any way that would make it deviate from the purpose of Allah created it for. This would be like showing ingratitude to Allah, that would cause vengeance from Allah, and becomes like a warning to those who perpetrated this, that severe penalty will almost come upon them as what happened before to the `Aad and the Thamud and those who came after them.

"Who did transgress beyond bounds in the land (in the disobedience of Allah) and made therein much mischief. So your Lord poured on them different kinds of severe torment. Surely your Lord is Ever-Watchful." (89:11-14) Islam urges its followers to have great concern for everything created by Allah, for it is part and parcel of "submission to Allah" to show reverence to all what the Almighty Allah created.